Men’s 15 Essentials for Fall/Winter

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BELLAIRE, TEXAS -- As the days and nights grow cooler, Michael Wiesenthal introduces the Men's 15 Essentials for Fall/Winter, a guide to layered sportswear, dress attire, footwear and accessories for the holidays and winter adventures.

“The holidays and the Fall/Winter season are a challenge; how to balance dress attire with sportswear for comfort and to have the layers necessary to keep warm, dry and cool as the thermometer rises and falls,” Michael Wiesenthal said.

These 15 Essentials provide a man with the ideal balance of tailored clothing with sportswear, as well as layered warmth with cool comfort. Located in the Frost Bank Building on the 610 West Loop, M. Wiesenthal Men's Collection promises an easy-in, easy-out shopping experience for men who don't care much for shopping. “My customers enjoy covered parking and a covered walkway into my store, rain or shine,” Wiesenthal adds.

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